I bet a lot of you are nodding your head right now and saying, “preach girl!” We know we’re not idiots. Actually, a lot of us are just trying to get through school or life in general, or just trying to make enough to afford Starbucks daily. Whatever it is, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I do strongly believe that everyone should have to work a retail job, at least once. Retail jobs can be great, but they can be miserable. The main reason why they can be miserable is because of those rude ass customers that walk in and treat you like crap. These customers walk in with one intention only, and that is to make you miserable.

It’s not that hard to be nice to another human, yet so many people struggle with the concept of BASIC HUMAN DECENCY. Where someone gets off on treating another person, who is SERVING THEM, like shit is beyond me. Like bitch, you wouldn’t even be in this store if I wasn’t working here!

For a retail worker, many interactions go like this:

Cashier: Hi, how are you?

Customer: I don’t have a loyalty card and I don’t want one. I also don’t want to donate, I have my own charities I donate to.

*Customer tries to put a debit card into the machine as if I know how they are going to pay*

Cashier: (Internally screaming)

It’s sad that people assume the worst then proceed to not give you the time of day.  Maybe I wasn’t going to ask you if you wanted to donate. And maybe I wasn’t going to ask you to sign up for a loyalty card? I have become pretty good at reading people, so I usually know what to expect. But there are some sneaky people that surprise me by being extra salty, then I lose all faith in humanity. They don’t seem to get that if we weren’t working there, they wouldn’t be able to shop. Such a hard concept apparently.

The worst is when they look at you like you are some nobody, somebody who won’t amount to anything, and they think that gives them the right to take advantage of you. For example:

Customer: I’d like to return this item, please.

Cashier: *Looks at the date it was bought, realizes it’s way past the return date.* I’m sorry, it looks like it’s past our two-week return policy. I can give you store credit though.


Like sorry lady, but if you followed the rules like I AM, then we wouldn’t have this problem. Would we? It’s just facts.

But it doesn’t end there.

Customer: I would like to speak to your manager.

Manager: It’s past the two weeks return date, I can give you store credit.

Me: *Smiles on the inside*

It’s at that moment the customer glares at you, then you smile and say the most satisfying sentence, “can you pick out a gift card please?”

Sometimes the roles are reversed, where the customer actually gets the full return and they ACTUALLY give you that devilish smile. Then you get that chill of anger that runs down your spine and ends up deep in your core.

Retail is clearly not a walk in the park, but it would be if these instances didn’t happen. So, how do you be a decent customer?

Just be nice. We’re doing our job, we’re trying our best, and whether you believe it or not we are not out to make you miserable. We’re here to bring you joy.

Be considerate. I know this would be under the nice category, but before you go off on a retail worker just ask yourself, “is it really their fault?” and if it IS the workers fault ask yourself, “how can I handle this properly?”

Just let us do our job. Yes, we’re going to ask if you want to donate to a cause because it’s a cause we believe in. And yes, we’re going to ask you if you have a loyalty card because it saves you money in the long run! You knew this coming into the store. We know how to do our job. We know what’s on sale and what isn’t.

With all of that being said, good customers do exist believe it or not! I’ve had some that completely make my day and vise versa. Those people either are retail workers, past retail workers, or *gasp* decent human beings that don’t want to verbally ruin your day. Point is to just be kind to one another, it’s as simple as that.

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  1. As a previous retail worker, I completely agree with pretty much everything in this post.. However there’s another side… Sometimes as customers we aren’t the ones being miserable, but it’s the other way around… That bugs me, because sure they’re having an awful day at work but it’s not one specific customers fault. Flip side… The workers wouldn’t have a job there to begin with if the customers didn’t come in to shop.

    Actually this makes me think of taxi drivers.. There’s this one driver I often get that complains to us (My Mom and I) that it’s a short journey.. We have to use taxis because my Mom’s disabled. Yet he complains time and time again that it’s a short job, when I called him out on it he spluttered and said it’s not us he was annoyed with, but the company for always giving the small jobs to him. Maybe it’s because he always does nothing but complain and be miserable… I instantly feel anxious now whenever I see that he’s our driver. It’s ridiculous.

    Generally all humans need to start being a little more considerate of our fellow people. Workers, customers, everyone out there. You never know what that other person is going through after all… Sadly, I don’t think much will change anytime soon. Keep taking these steps to change people’s perspectives though, they need all the help they can get!

    Davis | http://www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk

    1. Yes, there’s always a flip side to things! If the customers didn’t come into the shop the workers wouldn’t have a job, but a lot of customers (where I’m from anyway) treat us like we’re below them, which sucks! But sometimes, as you said about the cab, it’s the worker that’s grumpy- and I agree!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I agree with all of this! Everyone should work in retail at some point to appreciate how hard you have to work and how rubbish people can be. Retail offers a lot of career options and when people respect the industry more, they’ll see that.

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